Your Free Guide | How To Maximize Your Creative Content Online

Click & Co. and I joined forces all month long to bring you free, relevant marketing content to help you better leverage the creative content you’re already making. With the slowdown in business (for many of us), we certainly don’t have to slow down our marketing efforts. In fact, it’s my theory that we rev up our marketing right now.

People are spending more time on social media than ever before and we are blessed with the ability to meet them where they are. Take the opportunity with the extra time in your business to focus on:

1. Creating marketing campaigns & materials.
2. Repurposing creative content. 

Here’s the key: Don’t pause; pivot. Get the full guide here. 


8 Ways To Utilize The Extra Time In Your Business Right Now | Surviving The Effects Of COVID-19

If you’re like me, it has not been business as usual recently. It’s truly business unusual – as best put by our friends over at ASID in their recent panel discussion this week. So what do we do to keep our businesses moving forward? We keep hearing these are unprecedented times. Let’s all press in and get creative right now. Here are eight ways you can leverage the extra time in your business. 


5 Steps To Planning Your Photography Budget For The Year

It’s officially February and if you haven’t nailed down your photography budget including the number of photo shoots you plan to do in 2020, it’s time! Put an hour meeting on your calendar for Monday morning to discuss what your goals are so you can turn your goals into a plan.


FREE Download | Setting Your 2020 Marketing & Creative Content Goals

With our clients’ needs at heart, we wanted to create a free resource to help you determine what your marketing and creative content goals are for 2020. Because without creative content, you have no marketing material. And without a marketing strategy, your creative content isn’t nearly as valuable.

And that’s exactly what we did. We created a FREE DOWNLOAD for you, called ‘Setting Your 2020 Marketing & Creative Content Goals’ to create a turn-by-turn roadmap of your complete marketing strategy to ensure you make this your most profitable year yet.

So grab a fresh cup of coffee, a notebook, and 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time to dream up what you want this year and the actionable steps you can take to achieve them.

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