Here at CBP, we begin with the end in mind. That means when Cate photographs a project, she opens a conversation to discuss what 3 pillars our client plans to leverage. She then creates a unique shooting approach to capture with those end goals in mind to ensure you have creative content that converts into clients and grows & promotes your business.

1. Your Online Portfolio
To showcase their style & quality

2. Industry Award Submissions
To increase credibility

3. Publications
To increase exposure & reach the masses



Photo Shoot Efficiency: We take care of the prep work and details before the shoot, so we’re able to move efficiently on shoot day and get you back to your business priorities quickly. Typical half day shoots lasts 3-4 hours and a full day shoot often runs 5-6 hours.

Styling Your Shoot: We recommend bringing some basic styling items to the shoot (We have a list available at your request) or working with a stylist, but Cate will handle all compositional adjustments before capturing each shot. You never have to worry if something is out of place.

Client Creative Control: You have creative control in decision areas in the photo shoot process: shot list & image selection. (You only pay for the images you select)

Facilitation Arrangement Between Multiple Parties: Cate specializes in working with multiple parties on one shoot, facilitating it from start to finish to ensure everyone is on the same page and gets exactly what shots they want. (There are 5 splitting options available and never any additional fees to split)

Art Direction Options: The level art direction is entirely up to you as our client and will be pre-arranged between you and Cate. There are 3 options: 1. You art direct the photo shoot in entirety and Cate will execute your vision 2. Cate will take complete ownership of directing the shoot from start to finish or 3. The art direction is a team effort harmonizing your vision with Cate’s recommendations. (Most common)

Fast 7-10 business day turnaround time (from image selection to delivery): One of the quickest in town, so you can make your submission deadlines with your most recent work.

Scout Day Option Available: To assess location and get creative compositions in advance. (This is recommended for commercial properties)

Sunrise And Twilight Photo Shoots Available: Shooting at either sunrise or dusk gives us a beautiful, creative look for exteriors with dramatic lighting.

Great For Drip Marketing – Additional Crop Options: We include multiple crop options that allow you to reuse the same image multiple times (Great for drip marketing on social media). This really stretches every dollar spent and also helps your potential clients go from seeing the overall flow of the space, to the fine details and quality of your work. 

Web-Ready Set Of Images Available: We can provide you an additional set of web-ready images that are ideally sized to use for your website, social media and any other online platform. (High-res images are ideal for printing & publications but they can slow down your website drastically if not resized.)

Company Watermarking Available: We can provide you an additional set of images watermarked with your company logo (small in the corner of the image) for social media posting. This ensures when people share or repost your images, the audience will always be lead back to your company service/product.

Photo Shoot Travel Throughout Texas: Cate travels for photo shoots throughout the state of Texas. Travel fee of $1/mile plus expenses for cities outside 20 miles of HQ.

Standard Marketing Photo Release: A unique photo release will be given for every single photo shoot, so you never have to wonder how you can use the photos you purchase.

Publication Image Photo Release (with photo credit): Built into our pricing, is the rights to use images for magazine features, advertising and awards so you never have to pay more later to showcase your projects, and you never have to runaround chasing signatures to submit your work.

Ease Of Working With Your Photographer: We have many systems in place to ensure you have the easiest and best experience working with us. If there is ever anything additional we can do to make your life easier, please let us know so we can try to provide it or connect you with someone who can.