"My promise is to deliver excellence through accurate and creative image capture, with the highest level of professional post-production and editing. We create custom image composites that beautifully showcase your architectural designs." - Cate

All Photo Shoots Include:

  • In Person Meeting: Before we begin working together, I like to understand your marketing goals and visions to see how we can help get you there.
  • Scout Day: To assess location and get creative compositions in advance.
  • Sunrise And Twilight Photo Shoots: Shooting from either sunrise or late afternoon to dusk, gives us beautiful, soft light to work with for the highest quality lighting.
  • Confirmed Rain Date: So weather doesn’t greatly delay turnaround time.
  • High Resolution JPGs: Giving you the highest quality image to use for anything from your social media platforms to glossy coffee table books.
  • Custom Composites: We create custom composites in post-production to deliver stunning final images that best showcase your designs.
  • Standard Marketing Material Photo Release: A unique photo release will be given for every single photo shoot, so you never have to wonder how you can use the photos you purchase.
  • Publication Image Photo Release (with photo credit): Built into our pricing, is the rights to use images for magazine features, advertising and achievement awards so you never have to pay more later to showcase your projects.